Satori project

In this extraordinary luxury venture, we embarked on a collaborative journey with the client, fully embracing their individual tastes and specific needs. With unwavering dedication, we brought their vision to life, creating a modern and opulent reality. The result is a breathtaking home adorned with their favorite colors, wall textures, and luxurious finishes.


New Jersey
We are absolutely enchanted by the combination of stones used in this project! The Bronze Fantasy fireplace perfectly complements the Emperador coffee tables, creating an exquisite visual delight. We’re thrilled to showcase this remarkable interior by Margaret Luna Interiors, accentuating its earthy warm tones with our stone combinations. It truly exemplifies nature’s finest elements beautifully integrated into a fantasy-like setting!
We curated an array of modern, industrial-inspired furniture and elegant art deco pieces, with some specifically tailored for the space. Our selection included structural elements in sight. and industrial and vintage style furniture. Incorporating sophisticated works of art, such as paintings and sculptures. In this project, we skillfully infused a more subtle touch of this artistic essence, elevating the overall design to new heights. The result is a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics with the captivating allure of refined artworks, creating an enchanting and memorable space.

Margaret Luna has the ability to create dream like spaces where the trim, floors and stone are classic and evocative of traditional Parisian style, yet the interior is sparsely decorated with furniture and art. Her approach to interior decor lets the architecture of the space be the focal point and the objects function to punctuate the space. This dichotomy enhances the drama of the rooms she creates and the timeless quality of his spaces.

Margaret Luna Interiors extended the coloring and patterning found within stone always inspires us and broadens our understanding of what is possible within nature. This palette features stones with unusual veining and coloring such as the grayish browns of the Tortuga marble in the kitchen next to the dark grays and whites of Carrara Marble and Elegant Grey Onyx. All laying between the deep colors of the Laotian Wood in the cabinets and paneling contrast the beautiful marble and play off the warm gray of the background color in the stone found in the living room.

Adding wall accents, gray tones to take advantage of lighting, including antique Roman ornaments, and a cool tone palette including forest green, mahogany, and walnut. In the bedrooms, we added stylish rugs to elevate the overall aesthetic and infuse each space with unique charm. To enhance elegance and sophistication, LED mirrors were strategically placed, casting a soft, flattering glow and adding a touch of glamour to the ambiance.

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