Ridgewood project

For this remarkable luxury project in New Jersey, we embarked on a journey with the family, immersing ourselves in their tastes, preferences, and unique needs. With unwavering dedication, we transformed their vision into a modern and opulent reality, curating a stunning home adorned with their favorite colors, wall textures, and finishes.


New Jersey


4,336 sq ft
My goal as a designer is to capture the essence of our clients’ lifestyles and translate it into a living room that perfectly embodies their desires and aspirations. We created a living room that serve as a sanctuary for relaxation and family bonding. We incorporated elegant seating areas and a warm and inviting ambiance. We curated luxurious finishes and handpick exquisite furniture pieces that not only elevated the aesthetics but also ensure optimal comfort. The result is a living room that exudes sophistication, style, and an atmosphere of sheer luxury.
The focal point of this stunning kitchen and dining room design is a captivating ceiling pendant lighting woven rattan, casting a soft, inviting glow over the dining area. The allure of natural wood on the roof adds a touch of warmth and character to the room, complementing the luxurious marble elements. Enhancing the ambiance, subtle LED lighting is strategically placed throughout, highlighting the intricate details and adding a modern touch. The result is a harmonious fusion of opulence and comfort, creating a captivating environment where indulgence meets functionality.

Margaret Luna Interiors meticulously designed and provided exquisite drawings for all the bedroom furnitures and wall accents, ensuring a space that is both functional and stunning. Our approach focused on creating spacious and comfortable bedrooms, where relaxation and coziness seamlessly intertwine.

To enhance the ambiance, we strategically incorporated windows to allow ample natural light, ensuring the perfect illumination for a serene atmosphere. Long curtains and elegant mirrors were added to elevate the design, adding a touch of sophistication and enhancing the sense of space.

Margaret Luna Interiors extended to designing spacious and functional closets, crafted with fine and elegant materials. Each closet was thoughtfully tailored to accommodate the client’s needs, offering a seamless blend of beauty and practicality.

In the master bedroom, our design vision further flourished. Long curtains and elongated mirrors were thoughtfully integrated to create an atmosphere of grandeur and elegance. The result is a masterfully designed space that truly reflects the essence of luxury and comfort, a sanctuary where dreams are beautifully crafted and cherished.

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